Triple Leaf Tea: Sugar Balance & Women’s Tonic Tea – 20 Tea Bags


  • Naturally Caffeine Free
  • Ancient Chinese Medicinals
  • Herbal Dietary Supplement
  • A Women’s Tonic with Dong Quai
  • Helps Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels
  • Promotes Healthy Menstruation & Menopause
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Why chose Triple Leaf Tea Sugar Balance & Women’s Tonic Tea?

Triple Leaf Tea’s Sugar Balance & Women’s Tonic herbal tea contains herbs, traditionally used by women and men to help maintain blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range, and to help promote balance in women’s hormonal systems. Chinese herbology considers these two systems to be interrelated.

Modern life can be stressful and poor eating and lifestyle habits are not good for our overall health. Dong quai, astragalus, dandelion, liquorice, ginseng, red clover, and the other herbs in this tea were used to help tonify the endocrine system, build resistance to physical and mental stress, and support healthy menstruation and menopause.

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What are the ingredients of Triple Leaf Tea Sugar Balance & Women’s Tonic Tea?

Triple Leaf Tea sugar balance contains:

  • Dong quai root
  • Chinese motherwort herb
  • Chinese peony root
  • Astragalus
  • Red clover flowering tops
  • Dandelion root
  • Asian ginseng root
  • Fo-ti (he shou wu) root
  • Poria fruiting body
  • Ligusticum root
  • White mulberry leaf
  • Rehmannia root
  • Lindera root
  • Liquorice root

Who to brew Triple Leaf Sugar Balance & Women’s Tonic Tea?

For a hot Triple Leave Tea Sugar Balance & Women’s Tonic Tea:

Pour 1 cup of boiling water over a 1 bag. Let steep 10 to 15 minutes or longer. Squeeze tea bag gently into cup. Leave in cup as drinking.

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What should be considered when using Triple Leaf Tea Sugar Balance & Women’s Tonic Tea?

This tea is not recommended for use by pregnant women or nursing mothers or during periods of illness – if you are pregnant or nursing, consult your health care practitioner first before using.



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