Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals was founded in 1974 by the herbalist Rosemary Gladstar and the environmentalist Drake Sadler. The Company embraces ingredient purity, sustainability and environmental and social activism. Traditional Medicinals herbal teas uses the original herbal formulars by Rosemary Gladstar, who also funded The California School of Herbal Studies.

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What is Tradional Medicinals Tea?

Traditional Medicinals Tea is a line of organic and fair trade teas that are crafted with the intention of promoting wellness and supporting traditional healing practices. Founded in 1974, it has been at the forefront of the herbal tea industry for over four decades. The company is known for its commitment to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and the use of high-quality, organic ingredients.

What is different about Tradional Medicinals Tea?

What sets Traditional Medicinals apart from other tea brands is its focus on traditional recipies with herbal medicine. Each tea blend is formulated with a specific health benefit in mind, such as promoting digestion, supporting the immune system, or reducing stress. The teas are made using a variety of carefully selected herbs, fruits, and spices, all of which are sourced from trusted growers and suppliers around the world.

In addition to its commitment to traditional herbal remedies, Traditional Medicinals is also committed to sustainability. The company uses environmentally friendly packaging and is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint. They also support sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices, ensuring that the farmers and communities that provide the ingredients for their teas are treated fairly and with respect.