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What is TAZO Tea?

TAZO tea is one of the most popular tea brands in the USA. It is often the first tea brand that come to mind for people in North America and we bring the taste of TAZO TEA to the UK.

What makes Tazo Tea special?

TAZO has longstanding relationships with top tea gardens all over the world. They purchase unblended teas at the peak of freshness and they deliver them into the expert hands of their blenders. In turn, they artfully blend these treasures into fusions of places, times, cultures and ideas.

What Tazo Tea flavours are available in the UK at Nature Desing Ltd?

We have a large variety of TAZO Tea for you in stock in our UK warehouse.

Flavours availble are:

  • TAZO Sweet Cinnamom Spice Tea
  • TAZO Calm Chamomile Tea
  • TAZO Dream Tea
  • TAZO Enerize Tea
  • TAZO Green Ginger Tea
  • TAZO Zen Herbal Tea
  • TAZO Ices Passion Tea
  • TAZO Passion Tea
  • TAZO Refresh Mint Tea
  • TAZO Wild Sweet Orange Tea