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Our Climate Change Mission

Here at Nature Design we are always looking at steps we can take to lessen our impact on the environment. Whether that’s by our eco sending, which reduces CO2 by up to 95%, or by reusing the cardboard and plastic packaging we get from our suppliers and using it as protection for our shipment to you, though these steps mean more work for our small team, we think it’s important to provide you with a quick, efficient and high-quality eco-friendly shopping experience. All this was reached in 2021, but we have more in mind for the future.

Our philosophy is to protect the earth we are all living on. We want to reduce CO2 Emissions from all aspects of our business. Here are our aims for the future:

  • Reduction of 50% Green House gas emissions      2020 => reached
  • Reduction of 90% Green House gas emissions      2021 => reached
  • Getting Green House Gas Neutral                           2022
  • Getting Green House Gas Negative                       2023

We have the aim to transform our business to get Green House Gas Neutral in 2022. We take our responsibility regarding our work to the next level by not only reaching 0 Emissions – even more we plan to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere with every package we send and we hope that our customers go with us on our journey.

HOW did we at Nature Design improve our CO2 Emission profile?

Important factors for the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses in respect of product sending’s are 3 factors that have main effect:

  • Size of the package
  • Weight of the package
  • Distance from us to the customer’s address

The 3rd point is something which is largely out of our control, so we focused on the first 2 points.

The allocation of emissions to a specific shipment is based on the capacity of a truck – you can load more parcels on a truck when they are smaller. By this, less Trucks are needed and less trucks consume less fuel and so emit less CO2. If parcels are lighter the truck uses less fuel too and the emissions are reduced further.

By analysing how we from Nature Design improve our ecofriendly profile we came to the impression that when we invest time and effort to make packages smaller and using lighter packaging material we could reduce the total amount of CO2 Emissions significantly. At the same time we tend not to use plastic packaging where possible or only use recycled plastic.

HOW did we calculate our CO2 Emission profile?

We concentrated mainly on the two factors size and weight. We calculated the volume and weight of a standard flat packed Tea Box of 20-30 Tea Bags and compared the emissions to a standard small parcel and sometimes by Amazon’s use of mini small parcel. All measurements can be seen in the table below. In order to get realistic emission profile data, we choose a middle distance from Cirencester to Manchester and we set the calculator to calculate 100 parcels of each at a time to get more accurate data.

One important effect could not be included in the calculation because we could not get official data to prove it, is when you load a bunch of parcels on a truck they are not fitting together and the free space between them stays unused and reduces the efficiency. By flat packing this negative effect is massively reduced because flat packed orders are not having this kind of free space between them. Or in other words, our calculations are showing lower reductions in our CO2 profile than they have in real life or again in other words we are even better.

HOW do we of Nature Design handle recycling?

All packaging material we use is made out of recycled materials. We use packaging bags made out of recycled plastic and cardboard and protecting plastic, which is send to us from our suppliers. We try our best to reduce the size and protect your orders by cutting cardboard boxes down to get cardboard sheets that can protect your order. Boxes are flat packed. We apologize that the packaging does not appear as nice compared to when a big box is sendt to you filled up with plastic protection material. We here from Nature Design think it is better to reduce the impact on our planet rather than to pack in the old-fashioned way. We apologize for any damages that could have happened to your order, we will replace all damaged items. Please contact us in case your order needs other packaging for instance when it’s a present.

  • Recycle all plastic, glass, cans and Paper/cardboard
  • Reuse most packaging material or parts of it
  • Use low heating in stock areas to reduce energy consumption

All calculations are based on data obtained from the DHL carbon calculator.

DHL is one of the world’s leading logistic providers and provides this service free of charge to everyone.

You can read more about the methodology and data used for this calculation on the DHL Carbon Calculator page.

Our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint on orders are realised with every order.

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