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Fei Yan Tea – What you need to know

Where does the name Fei Yan Tea come from?

Zhao Feiyan (45 BC- 1BC), also named Zhao Yizhu, is known in Chinese history for her stunning beauty and impeccable dancing skills in the history of China. Growing up she was assigned to the household of Princess Yang’a (陽 阿 公主), the sister of Emperor Cheng.

There she became a dancer and was given the name that she would be known for – Feiyan- flying swallow, because she was so slender and so agile in dance that she appeared like a flying swallow. It was her dancing agility and her downright beautiful figure that became her legacy. After she became empress during the Han Dynasty to her husband Emperor Cheng, she was largely replaced in the emperor’s affections by her sister Zhao Hede.

Legend has it that Zhao Feiyan mixed special herbal teas to keep her figure slim. So, in China her name has come to encapsulate this idea of female slender beauty. From this millennium-old legend, a number of green herbal tea brands developed over the centuries, all of which are marketed under the central name Feiyan Teas. In fact, all brands of Feiyan Tea come decorated with the image of this legendary Chinese beauty and as there are numerous makes of Feiyan tea on the market, it is confusing for the customer to tell one apart from another.

What makes Fei Yan Tea popular slimming tea?

The specially selected ingredients in Feiyan tea are all-natural herbs, which work by increasing metabolism (which in turn burns fat quicker), preventing blood clots and lowering cholesterol.  It can also be used to treat those who wish to decrease their blood fat content and also patients suffering from habitual constipation.  It is also particularly sought after by post-natal period women who aim to recover their figure, as well as patients wishing to get rid of ‘beer bellies’.

What Fei Yan teas are available in the UK?

In the UK Fei Yan tea has been trademarked. So the only official Fei Yan tea available in the UK is Feiyan Aura Diet tea, which is for daily detoxing and weight management as it works by getting to the root cause of weight gain. Other tea that are sold as Fei Yan tea outside the UK and might be searched as such by customers are:

Ekong Oolong tea which offers rich flavours that help you to detoxify the body and lose weight.

Ekong Green tea which is a natural detoxifier to the body which helps improve metabolism and is a well-liked slimming tea.

Piao Yi is a fat reducing herbal tea, which has its own natural aroma through the herb selection and helps to speed up the metabolism.

FHT Health Tea is a perfect blend for those wishing to trim up naturally and detoxify the body.

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